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when your balls are hung low and sway side to side with ease
Dude I just got out of the shower and my boys are swinging like churchbells!
by chris.l23 January 23, 2010
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The horrible moment when you realise that you have accidentally done something very slightly wrong which has very bad (usually embarassing) implications for you. This is typically the moment of realisation that you just sent a dirty text message to a close member of family, typically your mother, rather than the intended recipient.
Message: "i'm free this afternoon so come over and fuck me senseless, my parents will be out all day"
Recipient: Mum
Message Sent
- Onosecond occurs here -
by Jimmed September 26, 2006
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When you take a shit that is so long that as it falls from your ass, it leans forward and bumps into the back side of your balls like clanging a bell.
"I should have pinched that deuce off sooner and it wouldn't have gone church bell on me."
by jackwagon99 January 28, 2018
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to flick ones balls. testicles if u will.
i will church bell your balls if u dont finish this sexx.
by angellllliiiccaaa November 30, 2007
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When you're fucking a bitch and your nuts clap against her anus making a sound
Dude I had the church bells ringing all night
by Big dugg January 10, 2016
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The swinging action big tits make when a chick is getting it doggy.
Lisa’s church bells were ringing when I drilled her last night.
by Big Dom88 January 16, 2020
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