"USE YOUR GLUTES!!!" Said Tyler Joseph, Sven and spencer fell to their death, Joshua Dun said, "Are they ok?"
by I'm an emo girl August 20, 2017
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French word for 'booze'. Can define any type of beer.
'Paye glute à la soirée' stands for 'B.Y.O.B'

Wanna glute ?
by Artigros March 7, 2011
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A shortened version of Gluteous Maximous - your butt muscles
Jo: oww, my glute's hurting from that work-out
by xxxwtdxxx February 15, 2006
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ass cheeks
gluteous maixmous
someones ass
My glutes hurt from those ass clenches
by valect May 27, 2005
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An affectinate name for a person with coeliac disease (allergic to gluten/wheat). The word derives from the fact that their meals must be gluten free.
Gluten - Glute
The word was first popularised in Newcastle, Australia.
Aw the poor glute can't eat bread or pizza.
by HLamb July 11, 2008
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For one to take their hands in between their Gluteus Maximus and pull their cheeks apart. Typically done on bodybuilding stages. Tristyn Lee is the one who formulated this posing routine. Phil Heath did it on stage in 2018 which sparked its huge success in bodybuilding.
Did you see Phil heaths Glute spread in 2018? That pose was incredible!
by Tristyn Lee August 14, 2021
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