Cheap brand of glue used by schools that can't afford anything better.

Tacky, but not sticky.
Gloy, Gloy, Glorious Gloy
Glue from the stick you must deploy
And if this you fail to do
You'll find yourself smothered in glue
And also, if you should destroy
A wonderful, innocent stick of Gloy
And replace it with some awful Pritt
Prepare to die, you blasphemous git.
by Bob Gurch May 25, 2004
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the most useless, non-sticking glue stick ever to have entered a school building.

compared to other, useful sticking adhesives such as pritt, gloy neither sticks card, cardboard, or even paper.

'miss, can we use a gluestick?'
'yeahh, ofcourse'
'where are they then?'
'right infront of you Jimmy'

'no, miss. this is Gloy, it cannot be used'

'why ever not Jimmy?'

'it's just, the shere stench pof the horsehooves used to create this mess of a rubber adhesive, sickens me'
by Joshuwar January 04, 2010
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A weird, safe sort of glue.
Burger has a fetish over glue and Gloy.
Lisa-"I found some Gloy!"
Burger-"Ooooooh, Give it here!"
by GirlSkater March 14, 2004
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Damn it Paddy!!! Pass the damn gloy before i smash my pint glass over ye!
by matt gloss January 24, 2011
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It is not just only a type of glue it can also be a name. Gloy is meant for a handsome male he can be adorable but also be sexy. He can start off as a shy guy but once you get to know him he is a very odd person but he can make you smile.
Girl 1: is that gloy over there?
Girl 2: yeah i think it is why?
Girl 1: i like gloy he is very handsome
by Lol._. June 01, 2019
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A make of glue that tastes and smells like marzipan. Dodder once acclaimed it as being, "The tastiest form of school equipment since the calculator."
Often used for having races, everyone winds their Gloy to the bottom of the tube, then races to the top until the actual gloy and lid fall off.

Recently became the second sponsor of Amateur Football Club, Cabana FC.
Mrs Bowland, Pratty is crying because he got "Gloy" in his Hair.

Mrs Bowland, Mackroy covered a pencil in "Gloy" and dropped it on the floor, asked Marko to pick it up for him but he got "Gloy" on his hand and threw it at Callum who stuck the pencil in Becca's hair. Now Becca is upset.
by Mackroy September 19, 2006
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Everyone remembers Gloy, the archetypal non-toxic school glue. Safe for children to eat (and in fact a staple part of school dinners until the 1980s), and completely lacking in any kind of adhesive qualities, Gloy is a pillar of our joint educational soceity.
Sir! Miller ate some Gloy (School Formula) and he's died of shock!
by Mustafa March 03, 2004
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