53 definitions by GirlSkater

A computer default voice.
Go to the control panel on your computer and click speech.
Type in "I lick cunts for a dollar." and press Play.
"I lick cunts for a dollar."
by GirlSkater March 19, 2004
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I don't really know. sorry.
But just say his name randomly for no reason :
"Blue Peter!"
"Peter Andre!"
"Peter Stringfello!"
"Petey Pablo!"
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
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The end part of a mans penis which is so hardand sore it eventually looks like a mushroom.
Me -"CRIST! Look at that germans bell!"
My bro -"Mushroom helmet!"
*everyone watching german porn laughs*
by GirlSkater May 02, 2004
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A Taborculosis jab.
Say it when someone hits your arm.
*whack* Me-"Sorry"
Leanne Q-"OWWWWWW! My BCG!"
by GirlSkater March 14, 2004
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eminems "Next song". apparently, from D12 ft. Eminem - My Band.
My salsa makes all the girl take off their pants, my sal sa sla sa sal sal sal salsa. My salsa!
by GirlSkater April 07, 2004
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A mix of orintal/american peoplr getting off in the weirdist way see i'm the plumber.
oriental porn sucks
by GirlSkater February 22, 2004
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