a avid half-life player who engages in a "posse" of fellow half-lifers in the square of protecktion....
the shagger, rio del buttshaggit, ted, exi$t,and nads made a square of protecktion around the shagger, as the shagger snipes out opposing team members
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1. The passive perception of finding a object that is completely broken, distorted, shattered, destroyed. The use of a Shaggered object is completely invalid due to how messed up it is.

2. To completely mess up a sentence, making a typical teen correct them self’s with “*” or to talk gibberish before rewording what you initially were going to say.
Man dude, I was walking in a abandoned building and I found a staircase that was completely shaggered; so I couldn’t go up.”
by Vlandor May 28, 2019
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A British word, usually used by " the lads" to define someone who is
1. a bit of a ladies man
2. the soul of the party
It can also be used in sarcastic terms to define someone who is the complete opposite such as a bald, old wrinkled geezer.
" Im a total shagger! Poked a wifie in the pisher and got a blowie fae another!"
" Check out that old yin, wit a shagger! ha ha!"
by Ginga February 23, 2005
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Northern regional dialect. Can be used in place of words such as "pal" or "mate"
Oreyt shagger, how the fuck are ya?
by PMJSDM March 13, 2017
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1. A player (someone who has allot of game)
2. Fucker
by Kevin December 23, 2003
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noun- a seducer of young, vulnerable women
Jude: He's a shagger.
Lucy: A what?
Jude: A shagger... a Dong Juan. A seducer of young, vulnerable women.
by judeacrosstheuniverse May 22, 2011
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Slang in scotland for a player. Mostly referred to boys who dates a lot of people. Quite disloyal.
Guy: Did you hear that Jack has dated nearly all the girls in his year? And he cheated on Katie with 3 other girls.
Other Guy: What a shagger.
by Just here to help :) April 2, 2020
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