The act of developing software whereby everyone flings themselves collectively and dangerously down a hill at breakneck speed in pursuit of a common, unattainable goal with dubious value.
Dave: Yes, but if we create a single factory that returns an abstraction of those functions then we can replace their use with a simple, single call. It'll only take me a few weeks to implement and rewrite all the unit tests to use it.
Bob: Yeah that sounds amazing! Nice and clean.
Susan: We are cheese rolling here.
by stupidgeeks April 19, 2017
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Cheese rolling is probably one of the simplest sports out there. From the top of hill, a round of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled and competitors chase after it. The first individual across the finish line at the bottom of the hill wins
(the cheese of course).
"Its a nice day outside, we should get some buddies together and roll the cheese (go cheese rolling)"
by fragglechick89 March 5, 2009
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When someone fingers you whilst eating a cheese roll
Did you hear Sam cheese rolled that girl?
by CheeseRollin December 25, 2018
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A sport performed in Gloucestershire, otherwise known as "the land of sheep and potatoes" or "party central of the world", involving some old men in tweed jackets and tweed trousers rolling large pieces of cheese down steep hills. The winner is awarded a cheese trophy (yes i am jealous of him too).
This sport is highly dangerous and many people die from it each year. So only attend if you are a "hard core sports junkie"
Bring your own cheese.
"Hey Kate do you want to go to the cinema?"
"Nah, no can do Im going cheese rolling."
by toribismylover December 22, 2009
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It's when a women cums inside that man's urethra
"Bro I was having sex with this girl, and she gave me a Cream Cheese Roll
by Peachy Creep407 February 2, 2021
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When you wake up from partying in Vegas with 2 Latina girls covered in your jizz and wrapped up in a blanket
I got so drunk lastnight that I made bitches into a Nevada cheese roll up.
by LongDongMcGooniham March 13, 2016
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When the man rolls up the woman in a blanket and proceeds to have sex with her.
Person 1: I just had sex with Stacie the other day.
Person 2: Isn’t your heater broken? It was -1 degrees
Person 1: Yeah, I rolled her up in a blanket before

Person 2: Like a cream cheese sushi roll?
Person 1: ...Like a what?
by Dadude2020 December 6, 2021
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