A very common word that rednecks use to replace the word get.
by dstroy December 19, 2007
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Mild chastation expressing annoyance, but with affectionate undertones.
"Jenny stop flopping your droopers around the place. you're such a git"
by Andrew Burden August 31, 2006
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short person or little kids, someone who is bossy uses the term to adress little or younger ones
bring them gits over here to get an ass whoping
by shawtyboy February 16, 2005
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To tell a individual to disperse at once. Usually done while having the middle finger pointed at the person you want to git.
by talented romantic March 07, 2008
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1) British slang for a contemptible or derogatory person.
2) A fool
3) The most popular type of version control software, which can be controlled through a web interface on GitHub.
1) "Maybe if that grumpy old git ate something other than prunes all day his UrbanDictionary definitions would be half-decent!"
2) Mr. T: "I pity tha git."
3) Frank: "I was writing some code but for some reason Git wouldn't push it!" Snide Asshole: "Maybe you should try committing your crappy code before bitching about it to the whole Internet!"
by owenv July 23, 2013
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Git is "the stupid content tracker". It is an acronym for "goddamn idiotic truckload of shit", especially when it breaks.
I fucking hate Git.
via giphy
by DankHillSellsCocaine February 13, 2018
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