My baby mama bitchin' 'cause I ain't gave her child support on my gits.
by atlantafantabanta September 06, 2015
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a person that is useless, troublesome or annoying, a fool.

From the english dialect "Git" or "Get" meaning "Gate". When using foundry sand to cast iron objects the access point for the metal, that is the funnel shape that lets the molten iron into the sand-mould was called the gate. This gate was of no use and would have to be removed and the cast item carefully finished to remove any blemishes caused by the gate. Thus the term "Useless gate(git)" was coined.
englishman: "Bwaaaa bwa bwaaa!"

Welshman : "Shut up and piss off you useless git"
by Kynth March 27, 2008
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stands for Get In There. Another way of saying tap in with someone.
Come on Luke! G.I.T. with Lily already!!!
by Willo Kert June 17, 2011
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Means idiot or rotter. Often used affectionately like bugger (noun), but when used seriously is probably more potent (but less rude) than the worst swear words.

Possibly derived from 17th century English 'get' meaning bastard.
1. Daft old git!
2. He's a nasty, horrible git.
by lolollololoLOLOL January 07, 2008
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Jim: "Do you use git in your software development?"
Steve: "What...you mean that goddamn idiotic truckload of sh*t? Hell yeah I do"
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