Girlboss (verb) to make something or someone appear as a feminist idol or inspiration for profit, despite the numerous flaws of the person.
"Have you seen the new Cruella De Ville trailer?"
"Yeah. They totally girlbossed her. As if she's a villain because she's a girl, not because she tried to make a coat out of puppies."
by CrazyandIknowit March 18, 2021
Vanessa: my wife Alex is such a girlboss
Labsy: TRUE, all fax no printer
by LabsyBoi March 8, 2022
Someone with badass energy all around. Doesn’t care what anyone says. Someone who is strong and confident. Someone who everyone looks up to.
Person 1: “Hey did you guys see Morgane today? She totally shut them all up after they started saying random shit
Person 2: “Yeah that’s why she’s such a girlboss. She doesn’t care about what other people think”
by 3gs December 14, 2021
Girlboss (noun) someone who is lauded as being a feminist icon, despite the fact that they are actually extremely unpleasant or unfeminist.
"I can't believe Kamala Harris is the first female vice president."

"Yeah, she's a real girlboss."
by CrazyandIknowit March 18, 2021
A female (not yet a woman) with no particular talent or skill-set but eager to gain a lot of Instagram followers, money and/or fame. Often clueless that calling herself a 'girlboss' is degrading to female professionals.
"OMG you're such a girlboss!"
by LouLoi October 16, 2017
Person 1: wow Zendaya is so successful

Person 2: yeah she’s the definition of a girlboss