2 definitions by Kailey aka Naomi’s best friend

Naomi is the kind of person you want as a friend. She is loyal, kind, and funny. She always makes your day better and knows how to put a smile on your face. She is a very positive person. She is beautiful inside and out. If you have a Naomi in your life make sure to keep her in your life. She is a very outgoing person and will stand up for a friend. She always gives good advice. She loves her friends and her family. She is creative, fashionable, love able, smart, funny, beautiful, caring, outgoing, kind, loyal, brave, and positive.She is the perfect person to have as a best friend.
Person : wow did you see that girl Naomi

Person2: yeah she’s beautiful

Me: that’s my best friend
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Person 1: wow Zendaya is so successful

Person 2: yeah she’s the definition of a girlboss
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