the act of over-powering anyone or anything, physically, mentally, verbally or virtually
david haye severly bossed john ruiz
by tobs23 April 4, 2010
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You about to get bossed?
by Rick February 13, 2005
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To have achieved, done well on a night out
We bossed it last night
- went out, got cunted and survived until the end

Bossed my kebab
- ate all of the kebab quickly and efficiently
by Vapour February 18, 2006
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To be hit in the face by Bruce Springsteen's crotch, usually mid-power slide.
Wow! Did you see that? That camera man got frickin' BOSSED!
by Bruce F. J. Springsteen February 2, 2009
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to hit someone in the face hard and not care if they like it or not

if this nigga dont shut imma bossed em som
by david harvin February 1, 2009
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That's awesome!!
Hey man, I'm going to go have a few drinks and then hit some surf!
-that's boss!!
by Supyoyo September 3, 2015
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