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A famous singer and actress who stars in Disney shows such as, K.C. Undercover and Shake It Up, and also plays roles in Spiderman: Homecoming, and The Greatest Showman. She slays at literally everything and her dancing skills will kill you because she’s the queen of all things.
by ShadyLady_ December 30, 2017
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The most beautiful person alive. Everyone FRICKING lives her and she can fucking dance, sing, act and model I mean common she is an actual quadruple threat so bitches beware. Her and Tom Holland’s ‘friendship’ is actual goals but they need to admit they are dating.
Zendaya and Tom are both the greatest actors alive.

An actor, singer, model and dancer also known as a quadruple threat is Zendaya
by Calbariosmk October 20, 2018
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Zendaya is a beautiful and successful american singer and actress.

She started her career on Disney Channel when she was very young. She starred in the popular Disney show: Shake it up and in the movie Zapped.

She recorded her self-titeled album in 2013 and she hasn’t published music in a long time to persue her acting career.
In 2017 she starred in Spider-man: Homecoming as Michelle jones and in The Greatest Showman as Anne Wheeler.
In 2018 she played Meechee in the animated movie Smallfoot.
In 2019 she starred in the Spider-man sequel, Far From Home.
Her HBO series Euphoria has also debuted and it’s been a hit.
In 2020 she will star in the Dune remake as Chani.
Zendaya has been previously romantically involved with Trevor Jackson and there were rumors that she was dating her Spider-man co-star Tom Holland.

As you can tell, i love Zendaya.
Did you see that new Zendaya movie?
Yeah it’s so good!
by anonymous2496 July 20, 2019
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an awesome singer, used to star in the disney channel TV show SHAKE IT UP along with Bella Thorne. She is a really good dancer and is 178 cm tall and from California. She has a new single called REPLAY.
Did you hear ZENDAYA's new single REPLAY yet? It's awesome
by zswagger August 24, 2013
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She's a beautiful queen. She is an actress who played in shake it up, she's an amazing actress she plays all her roles very beautifully she also was in the greatest showman she's in general a nice, calm outgoing person. she is a blessing from God
friend: " who's Zendaya

by lovezendayabishhh June 20, 2019
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You use zendaya (adj.) to describe someone so beauitful, succesful and everything superlative.
"Wow! You're so zendaya!"
by dayabreak March 09, 2019
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