The girl you grew up knowing since you were little. Usually one who lived close enough for you to walk or ride a bike to her house to play. Your love for her is innocent and sweet, just like her. You've always thought of her as a best friend.
Growing up with the girl next door can lead you to believe that she will always be perfect, even into adulthood.
by Rachael Young February 24, 2019
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A girl next door is basically someone that is sweet, wholesome, and an easy going person. She is the girl that has no one looking at her because the whores with big boobs get the guys first. She is very shy and modest but when she is yours she is a cougar in the sheets.
Bob: Do you see that hot girl?
G:(thinking) Does he even notice I'm right here? maybe I shouldn't be the girl next door anymore.
by Shakiebakie:) May 10, 2009
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Every guy may have his specific girl-next-door prototype, but in general, she's the girl whom you always admired from afar and were afraid to approach, fearing that any erotic projection toward her would ruin her image as a decent, pure and almost virginal womanly ideal.

She's (in your mind at least) untrodden ground; unspoiled by other men and so sweet-natured it almost frightens you to think of her in explicit sexual situations. Almost. Here's another example: Picture your sister's best friend from when you were kids. In your mind she'll always be that 10-year-old cutie who played with you in the park. Only, when you catch up with her 10 years later, she's still a cutie, but all grown up and someone you can trust and connect with on so many new levels. The intrigue grows.

Similarly, she could be a friend's cousin whom you met at family occasions over the years. Or even a new employee at work who is shy and unassuming, but still gives you that "she seems so nice, I'd love to talk to her" feeling.
Think of Renee Zellweger's character in Jerry Maguire
by Ask Men February 27, 2005
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Well, I mean there's those girls who are just "Hollywood" types. They're all dolled up and sure they may look great on TV/movies, but they need make up to do so. Then there's the girl next door whose beauty is understated, and doesn't need all the makeup, cameras, and bright lights to look pretty. She's just pretty without all of that.
She doesn't have to try to catch my eye. She's like the girl next door.
by nire72 September 25, 2011
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A good fucking movie, features the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert. Very funny.
Check "The Girl Next Door", you will not be disappointed.
by AC March 21, 2005
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The girl you grew up playing hide and seek with. The girl that saves baby squirrels. The girl you rode your bike to see. The girls that went to church with you. The girl you named a star after. The girl you met on a blind date. The girl you met in self-defense class. The girl that may or may not be your baby's mom. The girl that you crowned Bartender. The girl that made you feel like white trash royalty. The girl that works with your mom. The girl that played guitar hero with you. The girl that has your godchildren. The girl that took a random shot at engagement. The girl that's your favorite Number. The girl that no matter how long it's been since you've seen her, your heart skips a beat at the very sight of her. We should all be so lucky.
Me: I typically go after the Girl Next Door type.
GND: I know, idiot, I know.
by RyanFNation October 1, 2018
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The 'girl next door' is the type of girl who is generally modest, shy, quiet, friendly, and understated. She doesn't flaunt herself at all like most girls, and she most likely doesn't wear much makeup, if any at all. She lives a relaxed existence and doesn't go out of her way to do overly extravagant things like most girls might do. Her defining characteristics include her shy/quiet/modest personality, simple clothing, and her incredibly friendly demeanor.

The girl next door is not 'stereotypically' attractive, as in that she is never 'lusted' after like most girls are. She doesn't have big boobs, or pure blonde hair, or a big butt, and doesn't have that 'sexy/hot' appearance to her that 99% of guys lust after. That, however, does not suggest that she is unattractive by any means, as she is often incredibly attractive to many people. Her understated demeanor can be incredibly attractive to some people who are less attracted to the stereotypical 'hot girl', due to the fact that the 'girl next door' is incredibly nurturing, gentle, loyal, and kind compared to lots of girls. She's unlikely to cause any sort of drama in your life, and she gives off a very sweet and caring motherly vibe. She is the pure definition of 'femininity'.
Brad: "Dayum man, check out Stacey dude... yo, that ass is BANGIN.... what do you think of her ass, man? I swear I'd hit that. She's got some nice fuckin' tits too man, like holy shit."
Joe: "... It's not that special to me, honestly."
Brad: "... Are you like gay or something? C'mon bro, she is like THE hottest chick in this school man, you gotta be gay as hell not to want a piece of that."
Joe: "Not really, I'm straight as a line, but I'm more into the 'girl next door' type, y'know, the ones that wear comfy clothes, they have a nice smile, they have a cute body and especially cute boobs and butt that aren't incredibly massive, but are just nice enough to hold and cuddle with... they're just so feminine and nurturing. Honestly, the fact that I'm more into the 'girl next door' type makes me the opposite of being gay, since they're like the gold standard of femininity."
Brad: "... uh, okay bro... suit yourself, more poontang for me I guess."
by suburban__dictionary August 20, 2022
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