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The girl you grew up knowing since you were little. Usually one who lived close enough for you to walk or ride a bike to her house to play. Your love for her is innocent and sweet, just like her. You've always thought of her as a best friend.
Growing up with the girl next door can lead you to believe that she will always be perfect, even into adulthood.
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by Rachael Young February 24, 2019

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When you don't care about what the person you love looks like, because looks don't matter. When you truly love someone, you're "blind" to their appearance.
-"Why are you in a relationship with that person? They're so ugly."

-"Because love is blind. It doesn't matter to me what they look like, I still love them."
by Rachael Young April 15, 2017

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Using the tips of your fingers to lightly touch and trace over someone's skin, usually a friend or partner, in order to give them a pleasant experience.
A "Hey could you do that thing with your hand on my back?"
B "What, the skin trace thing?"
A "Yeah that, it always feels so nice."
B "Sure!"
A "You're the best."
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by Rachael Young October 24, 2020

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