Well uhh, as one of the definitions already state that the typical Girl Next Door would differ from man to man, here's what you might find common....
1. Is from average to attractive but not ugly, still you always have a secret love for her
2. Is cute, shy and modest
3. Sees you as a brother
4. Will make you protect her at any cost
5. The love for her is innocent and not the desire type.....
I grew up without any girls nearby, I never had many connections with Girls, this definition is basically what is my idea of a Girl-Next-Door, through surviving in the society, reading Light Novels and Mangas and watching Animes, I came to this conclusion if the typical G-N-D
Yes, I know that I am a fricking weeb, I want a Girl Next Door to be my friend
by RandomGuyThatTalksShit December 16, 2020
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A girl next door is basically one of two people. She's either the girl you first had sex with and didn't dare tell anybody about it -- because she was less than a 5. OR, she was the girl you wish you had sex with and told everyone you did anyway -- because she was such a hottie.
Friend 1: Did you check out that new girl next door?
Friend 2: Yeah man, I did her yesterday.
Friend 1: No way, you didn't do her...
Friend 2: Sure I did... right after doing your sister.
by Prothimos September 12, 2007
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