Gianni is always there for you when you need them always knows how to cheer you up. Gianni is the guy who everyone wants to be like always makes the right choices, puts others before himself, and knows how to talk to the ladies. Gianni has a smile that can light up the world. Gianni is a happy, sweet and a silly person, and overall the best person ever.
Friend 1: I'm so stupid!

Friend 2: Gianni thinks you are smart.

Friend 1: Gianni is so nice.
by Atti_Boy October 26, 2020
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Gianni is a fuckin sexy cunt that every girl on the planet wants to get in bed with, he has slept with famous people like :

- Lela star

- Crystal lust

- And basically every female pornstar, model, and your mum whos the biggest Milf btw
Gianni is very sexy
by qjsnxznkalwejdx October 27, 2020
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Has a smile that can light up the world. Gianni is wanted by most boys but yet only has eyes for one. She always puts others before herself but when pressure gets tall Gianni may end up exploding afterall.
Eg. Boy: Can i get your number
Gianni: Your really sweet but I have a boyfriend but it was nice meating you.
by Sumbody daughter September 11, 2021
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THIS IS THE BEST PERSON YOU WILL MEET IN YOUR LIFE. You can’t tell them that they the best person in the world or it will go to their head. Gianni is usually a Leo, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius or Taurus. They are THE LIFE of the party AT ANY EVENT. Giannis are the most popular and beautiful and stunning people in the friend group. They are SO caring about the people close to them and they only speak the truth.
by AGAHABAJAB September 30, 2021
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An overall awesome dude who is always great to be around. Brings great energy wherever he goes. Keep him around, he's a gem.
Gianni is awesome.
by Boysof401 November 22, 2021
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A word that describes disgusting situations. It can also be used as a simple swear word. But be careful, nobody wants to be a Gianni. You only use it when you really hate something/somebody.
Oh my god, you fucking stupid bastard. = Oh my god, you fucking Gianni.
by Absolut Abstoßend. January 5, 2019
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