The difference between a Garden and a Yarden is that a garden can have just flowers and plants, but a Yarden has food, fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, if it's edible plant, it's Yarden material!

The term also represents the movement away from GMO and pesticides and back to organic non-GMO local food sources. It's a symbol, a statement, and edible action! It's a fun people's movement bringing communities closer together by showing solidarity, celebration, beauty, and the encouragement sharing, reciprocity, and gift circles.

When a community member with a Yarden has more harvest of a particular food than they can eat, they share with others in the neighborhood. In turn, when it's harvest time for another particular food, others in the community share their harvest in return. Yarden Share Circles, if you will.

Such YSC's bring community members out side and face to face in a wonderful way. They can also help to establish or strengthen the use of local online communities, which ironically can help guide people away from overuse of Internet technology and instead outside meeting with neighbors. For example, when a Yardener has a crop harvest coming up and they have more food than they can eat, they can post on their local Yarden FB group

If your town has Yarden signs, you can even create Yarnen tour paths and post the maps online.

Yardens = <3 !
My Yarden has carrots, melons, and hot peppers to share with the community!
by PatManDoRyan June 28, 2014
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Such a beautiful girlllll omg the prettiest one Everrrr want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world!!!!!!!!!
Youre such a yarden
Do you mean the bombest girl ever
by Yarden bitch November 21, 2021
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Very similar to the concept of gardening, but for those with only a yard.

To improve the prettiness and aesthetic value of ones yard and create as close to a garden as possible rather than the bland concrete.
Lets have a bbq in the yarden.
Ive been busy planting flowers in my yarden.
by Indiglow July 29, 2012
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A garden that is bigger than a garden , but smaller than a yard.
My yarden is getting to be too large to cope with. I need a smaller garden .
by SilvermaN December 3, 2010
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Yarden is the try hard guy in the voice chat no one likes.
He often screams "yasss queen" for no particular reason.
by yarden November 26, 2019
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