Ginger Fuck is a Ginger that has absolutely no common sense. An absolutely Mentally impaired "velcro-shoes speacial" moron. Statement usually precided by the word Dumb.
"You Dumb Ginger Fuck!..."
by John Donnelly January 22, 2008
A waste of human space. They are red haired retards who will stick there dick in any thing, even other gross red haired bitches. The fuck is wrong with theses people.
by Bruhicantbelivethisboi February 28, 2017
Well since you were Ginger Fucking that skank bitch from New York for the first 9 months of our relationship, i'm just hoping I didn't get an STD from you, you dirty dick, cheating, lying, sneaky mother fucker.
by Herebutnothere May 17, 2010
Tyler Childers ginger fucked me and now I can’t stop listening to folk music.
by Sarahbeehaven September 18, 2019
A gay ginger man who spends his time raiding the underwear drawers of his heterosexual friends to violently masturbate himself to the thought of them ramming their giant hard cocks up his tiny sphincter.

A violently gay ginger who likes zelda.
Person#1: Hi
Person#2: Leave me alone you creepy ginger fuck!
by Flaccid Doodlebanger January 20, 2020