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one of those really fucking ugly gingers....milk white skin, freckles all over and those eyelids that you know will hang over the eyes of the ginger when they get older. and we all know gingers don't age well.
That skanky Susan chick is a ginga-beast from hell! How could Jorge even stand to stick his dick in that in the dark?! ugghhhh...there might be some sort of ginger-vitis that you can get from fucking one of those.
by Herebutnothere May 24, 2010
someone who says they're Cuban but they are nothing more than a dirty New York Puerto Rican, too embarrasssed to say what their real ethnicity is.
Jorge tells everyone he is Cuban...however....he is nothing more than a trashy New York, (Staten Island, even worse) Puerto Rican who lies about his money, where he puts his dick, and his ethnicity. His mother is so proud. Is CubaRican a real word?
by Herebutnothere May 17, 2010
when a woman has a pair of pants or jeans on that show that poofy area that'a between the belly button and the pussy area....OMG look at the FOPA on that woman!!! someone please tell her to NEVER tuck her shirt in her pants ever ever again!
by Herebutnothere June 9, 2009
Well since you were Ginger Fucking that skank bitch from New York for the first 9 months of our relationship, i'm just hoping I didn't get an STD from you, you dirty dick, cheating, lying, sneaky mother fucker.
by Herebutnothere May 17, 2010