3 definitions by Flaccid Doodlebanger

A gay ginger man who spends his time raiding the underwear drawers of his heterosexual friends to violently masturbate himself to the thought of them ramming their giant hard cocks up his tiny sphincter.

A violently gay ginger who likes zelda.
Person#1: Hi
Person#2: Leave me alone you creepy ginger fuck!
by Flaccid Doodlebanger January 20, 2020
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These Doodle Bangers are commonly referred to as Cum Criers if they A.) Lose a weenie war whilst consuming the loads of the more dominant Doodle Bangers, therefore they cry covered in or full of cum or B.) Upon becoming upset, they discharge semen from their eyes and anus rather than tears due to there massive consumption of Male ejaculate.
Is that semen coming out of your eyes? You're a Cum Crier!!!
by Flaccid Doodlebanger January 23, 2020
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An intense battle waged by rival gaggles of Doodle Bangers. This war is fought with flaccid weenies as each Doodle Banger thrusts their hips violently towards their opponents helicoptering their Male organs, attempting to batter their opponents until climax is achieved.
Doodle Banger#1: Man I'm sore, that weenie war was so intense I think I dislocated my sphincter.
by Flaccid Doodlebanger January 20, 2020
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