A person who is very kind and honest. He keeps everything truthful and whole. He loves all of his friends and keeps enemies near as well. He knows how to make people laugh, and knows how to break an awkward silence. He loves good music and has a couple of dance moves. He is awesome overall.
Gillis is the coolest kid ever!
by clappingdog November 6, 2011
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Homecoming king who gets concussed and doesn't come to school for 4 weeks (perhaps more), older women love him
Is that 18 year old dating a 42 year old woman?
Yeah, he's such a Gillis.
by mnhockeyfan October 16, 2019
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Having eagerness or showing enthusiasm towards something.
"I am so gilly for a night out."
"Wow, Anna is really gilly for Alex tonight."
by annapea October 17, 2011
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to stroke or caress someone in a suggestive or arousing manner, except both parties know that it isn't going any farther, differentiating it from a tease.
jimbob: damn you two were all over eachother tonight

fredrickson: yeah man no worries we were just gillying
by rainyface July 26, 2009
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An insult the equivalent of "idiot", "prat", "knobhead" etc. used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Sonny: I didn't mean to break it.
Josh: You're such a gilly!
by JoeyJoeJoington February 8, 2011
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Marijuana (weed), a term evolved from the Harry Potter series for a magical plant: Gilly Weed.
Man I be jonesin' hard for some gilly!


Find out if anyone has any gilly we can pick up.
by Mack Millie May 1, 2010
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