The usual choice between 2 canidates in a election or chose a turd sandwich.
So who are you gonna vote fpr a giant douche, or turd sandwich?
by Jon Opium October 14, 2006
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A giant douche is a regular douche, but has certain qualities that take him above and beyond.
"Oh man. Korey Sweet is such a douche."
"No way, man. He's a giant douche."
by Senor Finkelstein March 9, 2008
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A Giant Douche is one who frequents seedy strip clubs and annoys managers, guards, girls and patrons alike. Cleverly disguised as a working man with money by wearing a fluro shirt bought at Crazy Clark's for $2, they give themselves away by repeating the same phrases every five minutes and drinking VB. Once removed from a venue, giant douches often thank their evictors for the honour of being evicted. Giant douches also unthinkingly hand their girlfriends tasers after guards also act like a giant douche and call them a skank
Kev: You know me, I'm Kev
Tito: Kev, you're a Giant Douche and a pain in my ass. Get out!
by Sledgie November 23, 2009
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hey you know that guy glenn..
the one with 2 n's?
yeah thats the one.. he's actually a giant douche
by shit bloke September 24, 2010
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The giant douche may be a horrible president, but at least they're not a turd sandwich.
by awesomeMB9 July 19, 2022
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Think of your typical Douche Bag and add a tad more douchebaggery.
Did you see that Giant Douche Bag Guido fist pumpin on the way out of the spray on tanning place on Vernon Blvd.
by Lizard Eater December 15, 2008
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A giant douche named Ursula.Runner up in the Biggest douche in the universe contest, which was won by 'psychic' John Edward.From Southpark, series 6.
'Oh my God! Its Ursula the Giant Douche.Lets get the hell out of here before she douches us to oblivion'
by Schmaz March 12, 2005
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