Although he denies it quite a lot, Clark is a nice and intelligent man who does not care what anyone thinks. And he will back you up no matter what. Clark is a man who is not afraid to speak his mind,even at the worst time, but anyone who is lucky enough to know this kind, smart, handsome, and a little narcissistic man should be EXTREMELY thankful for him.
"Clark is so kind"

"Yeah, I wish Clark was my boyfriend"
by Spaggetti_Monster January 20, 2019
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To be behind in a track race but on the last lap go a lot faster and get first.
Originated from the running star Erin Clark.
"Who one the race?"
"Liz did!"
"But she was in last place the whole time, wasn't she?"
"Yeah, she was. But she really clarked it at the end."

"Way to Clark it Sally!"
by aperson654321 May 16, 2013
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A girl who cares. Who know how to love. No matter what you said and no matter what you've done she will always love you no matter what
Clarke is such a good friend!
by thetribearcher April 20, 2017
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Just an average type guy with a big ass dick.
He told me he was average but he was giganta! He was a Clark
by biggdigg November 25, 2016
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Down to earth badass. Cares for anybody close to her. Doesn't let anyone get in her way. Gorgeous! She’ll do anything for her people even if it means she dies.
Bellamy: Hey Clarke you look beautiful.
Clarke: Thanks Bellamy.
by mrsspencerreid_1 January 20, 2019
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Form of coprophilia practiced by lesbians in the United Kingdom. One partner defecates into the other's vagina, which is held open, often with the aid of a speculum. They then proceed to suck their feces back out of their partner's vagina and ingest it.
Vanessa was eagerly clarking some nice steamy nuggets right out of Sarah's minge.
by Degenerate Scumbag September 25, 2007
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is an amazing Man who loves his family above himself. He is intelligent and inquisitive. He loves to work with his hands and is able to fix anything. He is fiercely loyal and upholds the ideals of truth and justice. He will always fight for the underdog and will help all those who stand in need. He loves to laugh. He is witty, and has a way of finding joy in all the little things. He is very practical with a streak of imagination and child like wonder that twinkles in his eyes. He is an amazing lover and will always take care of the woman he is with, taking time and making her know that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.Clarke is the man every man wants to be like and every woman wants to be with.
You are so lucky to have a man like Clarke..He is a Dream.I thought they only were like that in the movies.
by Sparkles Harvey February 5, 2010
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