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Tall, athletic, handsome, cute, adorable, hot, sweet, polite, badass, sexy as hell. Brennens always smell amazingly good. Great kisser. Great boyfriend. Goes for shorter girls who have a lot in common with him. Amazing and perfect in every single way. Sweeps girls off their feet.
He is such a Brennen.
by Josephine Hallix March 28, 2009
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chilled out cat who enjoys good company and a good time. always listening to the freshest music that no one else knows about yet. doesnt smoke weed because "that aint him", even if he didnt have his high profile job on the line. great friend, known to help you out in a pinch and protect your back. older women usually love him because they are the only women smart enough to see what a catch he is.
girl 1- hey, how about we go to the club tonight i can get us on the vip list and i heard T.O. was going to be there!
girl 2- naw, im chillin with Brennen tonight... wanna hang out with us tonight?
girl 1- ummm... YA! duh! i cant wait to hang out with Brennen!
by tribecalledquestforlife February 04, 2010
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brennen is a great person. he is very shy but can be very romantic. he has a big heart but only will love one girl, his girlfriend. brennen has a big heart. brown hair, loves to hot outside, and hang with his friends. he will always make you happy no matter how small he always finds a way to make it great. brennen is kind, charming, and smart.
have you seen him? he has to be a brennen.
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by brennen lover June 15, 2018
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An all around amazing guy. Usually tall, blonde, and HOT HOT HOT! Brennen's care for their girlfriend because they are a genuinely sweet guy. Can sometimes be clingy but it's just cause they care. Brennen's are often very athletic baseball players.
"Guess what Tay???"
"I'm dating Brennen!"
"Omg no fair he's gorg!!"
by Psychosoprano July 02, 2017
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Someone who is very sexy,muscular,poised,&&amazing.Brennens' normally like to get fucked up.somewhat bipolar&Bullheaded.But could be husband material.Brennen's are very mature.and not scared to fight,They also like smoking a lot of Marijuana.Brennens' are also Delightful in BED!
Hello.My Name Is Brennen&I Enjoy Consuming Alcohol.
by Ms.Swaggie February 03, 2010
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Is loyal to his girlfriend; but will make friends with the most prettiest girls. He’s laid-back, enjoys PS4 over social media! But everyone who comes in contact with him loves him because he’s a softy. Loves animals. Has the occasional foul mouthed but can sweet talk his bae with lusty passionate words. A jokester at heart. He’s tall and medium framed. Dark anglic eyes. Straight brown hair. Loyal to friends, candy bag is his weapon of choice ha ha ha Enjoys good company, shy at first but once you get him started, there’s no stopping him.
He must be Brennen, no one can hack like that!
by scrapgirl73 February 09, 2019
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The God/Boss of an asian video game known to have unproportionally large body parts. Leader of his soldiers. Kills people who oppose him by slapping them with his masculine "features."

Additionally, husband of Stephanie. Stephanie has long, towering, powerful legs to destroy foes by kicking them with her unclipped toenails.
Dang, I thought Bowser was hard to kill in those Mario games... but then I faced Brennen and Stephanie at the boss stage. Boy, they're strong together! I can't break them apart!
by James Kenneth May 30, 2008
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