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Good Hair Day...there is also a FANTASTIC hair sraightner called the "Ghd" that always helps me have a good hair day!
Girl 1:"Oh my god how can that girl have a Ghd everyday!"

Girl 2:"Oh she uses the Ghd hair straightner"
by JaL February 27, 2005
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one word
Ghd's are the best hair straighteners EVER you havent lived until you've tried them. 100 pound later :)
"wow whys your hair so straight??" "Oh I have GHD's" "Wow i wish i had them!"
by Stacey-leigh May 04, 2005
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Grab. His. Dick
-"Ugh.. i really wanna get with him but I don't think he likes me.."

-"Just GHD and he will... ;) "
by GHD!!! May 30, 2012
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G.H.D a Giant Human Douche. Used when just calling someone a douche isn't enough. Or when there isn't enough time to say giant human douche. Or if you really like to abreviate
Man, I hate that guy.

Ya, what a GHD
by Benwy May 18, 2007
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Friend: how did last night go?

You: GREAT! He has a ghd
by L.TD May 07, 2017
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G.H.D manhattan and li/ and brooklyn based graffiti crew. Also a cross btw a phd and a ged. Also like a gangster ass phd. But originally stood for "good hair day."

"Are you okay"
"I'm G.H.D, good hair day, all sleazy."
by The_drama_teacher December 03, 2016
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