“I think I’m going to make a move on Sandra tonight”
“Don’t bother, she’s a GHD”
by Redbaron February 10, 2020
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A GhD is short for Doctor of Google. It is used to refer to people who consider themselves experts on a subject because of their extensive googling of answers even though their knowledge is based on confirmation bias and the reading of severely slanted or conspiracy based websites.
That Karen and her GhD is delusional in their defense of how vaccines are all part of a conspiracy by "Big Pharma" and "Bill Gates" to try and control the world and depopulate it.
by Kevin99J December 28, 2020
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G.H.D manhattan and li/ and brooklyn based graffiti crew. Also a cross btw a phd and a ged. Also like a gangster ass phd. But originally stood for "good hair day."

"Are you okay"
"I'm G.H.D, good hair day, all sleazy."
by The_drama_teacher December 03, 2016
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