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I dont agree so what if shes Britneys sister? she can act...and she is just let her shes done nothin to you
jamie lynn is like so the new britney!
by Stacey-leigh May 4, 2005
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one word
Ghd's are the best hair straighteners EVER you havent lived until you've tried them. 100 pound later :)
"wow whys your hair so straight??" "Oh I have GHD's" "Wow i wish i had them!"
by Stacey-leigh May 4, 2005
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A Private School in wimbledon, Right Next to one of the ursuline schools,very very very sexy boys there but they do wear very gay cream trousers.People may call this school snobby but no i think people are just jealous cos they are rich. This School also has a three legged Cat Its extremly Cute.
"Stack Theres your Hall School!"
"wow Hall school looks like a house!"
by Stacey-leigh May 4, 2005
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There Are many Different meanings for 'sickhead'Mostly Used if you see a very angry and abrupt person who is very stressed and if quite scary because of it. Another definition is a very unhygenic person....Greasy,Oily,and just really horrible to look at that it makes you feel sick...One more is if a person randomly Starts Shouting.
"ERGH look at that man his hair is all slicked back hes such a sick head!"
by Stacey-leigh May 4, 2005
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