implies the lack of presence of police or authority figures, usually when something illegal is happening; good to go.
Sarah: The cops just left and won't be back for another hour.

Zack: So straight.
by John Motherfucking Lennon November 15, 2006
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when a certain event or person,is seen as a enjoyable or relaxing, opposite of sketchy
ex. 1- Yo smokin on that beach was so straight

ex. 2- Yo Jack's party was straight as balls
by jonathan soto June 20, 2007
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Response to "that's so gay". See: rigid, uptight.
She got her shoes at the dollar store? That's so straight.
by Bionic Femme September 14, 2005
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an anti-'that's so gay' response
said to make straight people uncomfortable and make them stop saying 'that's so gay'

you like the opposite sex? that's so straight

stop acting that're so straight
by greenbeans AKA aj July 11, 2008
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This phrase is a way to make fun of people who say 'that's so gay' by changing it to 'that's so straight'. Many gay people (or people who think its offensive) use it instead of 'That's so gay' to show that its a hurtful phrase.
Amy: I got a ton of bio homework to do tonight, we can't go on our date...
Dane: Damn, that's so gay!
Amy: That isn't gay. That's so straight! (like you lol)
Dane: *crys in corner*
by IcyFlower21 March 1, 2011
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The term for people to respond to the term "your so gay" thus, getting rid of the term and stop offending gay/lesbian people.
Oh yea? Your so straight. WHAT NOW.
by jdude01 February 25, 2011
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A term used when one of your homeboys is being too heterosexual and you need to remind him to be more gay.
Woah dude, we don't bang girls here. Don't be so straight about it.
by PubicPaskey March 31, 2017
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