To reach an irregular state of consciousness through the consumption of psychoactive drugs.
Terry: Lets smoke this juzzie and get bent.
Phil: ok!

Tyrone: I'm just chillin, doin as I do, drinking some potion and getting bent.
by Teddex March 6, 2011
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A phrase used to politely tell someone to fuck off/get fucked
You know whatget bent” bro.

Yeah we we’re arguing in public and I simply said “get bent”
by Lucid_dreaming March 14, 2023
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person1: "Can I borrow £10?"
person2: "Get bent".
by reggieocallaghan April 18, 2015
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Telling someone to fuck off or go fuck themselves.
That '70s Show characters telling each other to get bent when they're pissed at each other.
Hyde: get bent!
by justine d January 1, 2006
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Much more subtle than fuck you or go to hell, but with all the impact. It is the abbreviated imperative for, "You should get bent over, so someone can sodomize you on Christmas!" Used in reply to outrageous requests...
Spouse: "Honey, could you and your friends please quiet down? I'm trying to speak with mother about the baby shower."
Other Spouse: "Hey bee-atch, get bent! Can't you see that me and my homies are watching the game? And tell that old hag to suck my dick while you're at it?"
by bearfer January 29, 2004
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a less offensive phrase used in a refusal to perform a chore. "fuck off".
"i need this paperwork done"
"well, you can just get bent"
by tf July 8, 2004
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