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To start consuming drugs and alcohol again after a hiatus in an effort to avoid the effects of withdrawl.
"Man, I haven't had a drink since monday and I'm getting the shakes. I'd better retox."
by tf July 26, 2004
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a less offensive phrase used in a refusal to perform a chore. "fuck off".
"i need this paperwork done"
"well, you can just get bent"
by tf July 07, 2004
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A beacon of spectacular brilliance, inspiring love and hope, in an otherwise seemingly cold and dark world. Has the ability to illuminate your perspective and enhance your imagination.
What a gloriously wonderful kettle head!
by Tf February 10, 2014
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Part of Philly with shops that close no later than 10:00 every night, except for Borders, which stays open until 1:00 AM for Harry Potter releases. The Springsiders, CHAers, and GAers hang around there like they live in a small town instead of a big city. Also known as "the Hill."
SSer: Hey, do you wanna go to the Hill after school?
CHAer: Sure. There's nothing else to do in Philadelphia.
by TF March 17, 2005
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Someone who is fat and ugly.
hey look at that fatugly, gross.
by TF December 16, 2002
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Stomping grounds for australian babies.
I feel like whining today, I think I am going to go post on ozForums
by TF December 11, 2003
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from computer networks, ping a computer to see if it alive
contact me, ask me
by TF June 22, 2004
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