verb. The attempt to make sexy time with a girl after viewing a chick flick.
"I took Jane to see A Walk to Remember in a failed effort to get all up in that shadaram."
by jforthewin13 March 2, 2010
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noun: the act of involving yourself in another pesons affairs, with intent to eliminate any chance of them completing or succeeding their goals
Girl: You biach give me back my boyfriend!!
Friend: You hoe you dont deserve him!!
Girl: Ya, it's about time I get all up in your business!
by PaulM92 January 22, 2011
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exclamation. usually used in lieu of terms you may hear and/or use on a farm or hear from a hillbilly, a blathering fool, or an employee at the DMV, such as "as crazy as all hell" or "my goodness, this silliness has taken control of his(or her) senses" or "this line is crazy long".
That is as dangerous as all get up and fuck. (or) Those two guys chasing the sheep towards the cliff are crazy as all get up and fuck.
by MillsFokk July 28, 2009
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to want to be very close to and grab and be with.
Damn, she’s fine. I wanna get all up in that, woof
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It is mean without too much emotion.
Whether there's an external change,react accordingly.Follow your instincts as primitive animals do.Don't get all worked up over things.
by donaaaa August 17, 2022
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