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A commonly recited phrase often recited by teenage yeshiva boys in any given situation. Gesh can be used as a form of communication among people, typically recited in form of yelling or clucking of the throat in a proposed matter. Also can be used as an adjective describing something.
"That test was so geshy," he said.

"GESHHHHH," the boy cried as he booled.
by yocboolers April 23, 2017
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Raw talent, those who are deamed to have or hold the status of Gesh are ready for anything, primed to explode and never ever die.
Team Gesh, glasgow's premier video games commentators
by dangerphill September 08, 2010
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Gesh someone who is a grunge emo sparkly and a hipster at the exact same time so don't get them confused with anyone else or any other group that's rude
Person 1: hey look at the emo table

Person 2: umm you got it wrong I'm pretty sure they are the Gesh table
by Sparkles_glittler December 01, 2016
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