To be in a state of Drug (Heroin) Withdrawal. From the phrase cold turkey.
She was a mess, she was clucking real bad.
by Tallus July 26, 2004
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Being so desperate for something, you are basically going cold turkey.
Once again, Andrew found himself clucking for a sexual encounter but alas no joy :(
by The wordsmith May 24, 2005
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The act of choking on a large penis while performing oral sex.
I have an 11 inch cock. Every person who blows me ends up clucking.
by Cluckster February 5, 2011
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Clucking is ze combination of course of climbing and fucking but together they become something unique; they combine so perfectly that you move the experience to another level.
I want to go clucking with you.
by daman3498 October 28, 2007
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The act of picking up small objects out of the carpet (much like a chicken in a pen) trying to find that one little rock that you dropped while you were loading the pipe.
Usually associated with the use of crack-cocaine, it can also happen to those who use other amphedamines.
When the last of her dope was gone, Lisa was fiending for more so much that she was clucking on the carpet.
by SerenitysEnigma March 9, 2005
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An act of masturbation - To masturbate hands free by means of opening and closing your inner thighs on your penis and rhythmically pushing downward to stimulate the gland. The process resembles that of a chicken flapping it's wings pointlessly.
Donovan was clucking again last night. What a crazy motherfucker.
by MrMcShady January 31, 2008
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On pitch 16, my climbing partner and I decided to do a little clucking to spice up our adventure.
by ClymberFreak February 3, 2012
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