1. adj. a word used to describe a being who displays behavior commonly associated with that of a gentleman
The gentlemanly man (as of August, 26 2015) emerged from his house with an umbrella to escort his lovely girlfriend into the house; despite the rain.
by Jiska _ August 27, 2015
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1. adj. describing one when another describes one to have qualities that resemble that of a gentleman.
2. adj. the word that is used to describe one standing up at McDonalds to let others sit down
Mel/Emily/Melemily: Wow Ben how "gentlemanly" of you.
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a word used to describe a man (sometimes a cat or dog) who displays mannerisms similar to that of a gentleman
The gentlemanly man (as of August 26, 2015) graciously held the umbrella while escorting his lovely girlfriend inside.
by Jiska _ September 3, 2015
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Main Entry: gen·tle·man·ly
Pronunciation: -lE
Function: adjective
: characteristic of or having the character of some who is boring, but a real, real nice guy
Don't worry, you will like him, he's very "gentlemanly"
by rm January 26, 2005
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A phrase to express shock or bemusement.
Person 1: 'I ate 8 pancakes last shrove tuesday'

Person 2: 'Holy Gentlemanly!!'
by Gee8 April 17, 2009
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(n).- 1. A financially stricken middle aged African American male. Who frequently masturbates while watching fellow scholars run anal sex trains on young white females, while giving verbal encouragement to fellow scholars committing the act.

2. A general term used by Caucasians to describe African-American citizens while in one anothers presence.
1. That Gentlemenly Scholar sure did encourage Tyrone to dip his nuts in dat ass.
2. Can you believe that gentlemanly scholar is eating that fried chicken like it's the last piece on earth.
by LS returns January 9, 2009
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