Taking a really long crap at work to the point people ask if you left for the day.
Where did you go?
I was taking a Geoff..

I'm going to Geoff it up!
by Dueses September 07, 2012
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The act of jacking off when your name is Geoff or Jeff. Can also be used as an adjective for a male named Jeff or Geoff who is a jerk and asshole.
"You're being a Ge-off"
"That's Geoff, yes he's masterbating, actually he's Ge-offing"
"Man, I gotta go Ge-off"
by heidibags September 17, 2007
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i think someone once told me a Geoff is a pirate oppossum with 6 legs that is a crew member of most serpentine space vessels. They're astrophysicists most of the time...but not usually. They have a diet of mostly girraffe eggs and rhinocerous bladders and are none too pleasant to speak with if you just happen to be a fucking dumbass...they eat those bagels heads like licorice...chocolate licorice.
by BeAverHed June 22, 2005
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a horny crazed man...looking for moms...has a gigantic head...and his code word is sweden
by huey hueyardson February 04, 2009
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Synonymous with the word douche.
Looks and acts like Scott Disick.
Has amazing hair yet claims he doesn't do a thing to it.
Too skinny and wears incredibly short shorts.
Attracts pre-pubescent girls at Wal*Mart and procedes to hit on them.
Pretty much a waste of space.
Great, that just looks like a Geoff...
See douche
by drummergirl marie April 05, 2011
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verb, comes from the chinese slang 'to geoff' meaning to kill a vampire, eat its lungs in a traditional indian curry while dancing around singing. geoffrey in todays terms has become mondernised by society and now means 'to shit'
damn that was some good geoffing, thats not how i'd geoff,
by geoff March 04, 2005
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