A depression so great it can cause YouTubers such as iDubbz to fall from a car into a wheelchair, following a statement to raise awareness such as "I have crippling depression"
Guy: Holy shit man, why are you on a car?
Guy 2: *falls from car into wheelchair "I have crippling depression
by MariOG December 27, 2016
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Crippling Depression takes the will of ice staking away from an organism.

This mental disease, may cause you to say things like, " I HAVE CRIPPLING DEPRESSION!" to your boyfriend/husband
Yuri had crippling depression before he met Viktor
by YURI_ON_ICE_FAN_64 April 03, 2017
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A form a depression that is so bad, that many people take it as a joke or meme.
"Hey, did you see what Evan had posted?"
"What, his terrible meme about crippling depression?"
by proxyserver May 30, 2016
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A type of mental disorder that often involves self-destructive impulses, suicidal thoughts, and lack of interest and the will to live that is, in contrast to normal depression, chronic and can very negatively affect the health of someone with such disorder.

Though it is not an actual category of depression recognized by medical institutions and experts, the phrase "I have crippling depression" has been popularized through a short video clip by the meme machine that has recently polluted the Internet community with vulgar trends (along with several other figures, who will be not mentioned due to the irrelevance to this topic), commonly known as idubbbz.

This phrase can be used to respond every and any type of question, statement, command, information, situation, or argument.
Peggy: "Did you hear that the Eiffel Tower was destroyed by dynamites from Uruguay?"
Gertrude: "I have crippling depression."

Lachlan: "Through this, I can assure you that the population of Easter Island mainly consists from the Dutch from Holland, the Irish from Ireland, and the Lapdancers from Lapland."
Donathan: " I have crippling depression."

Doverson: "This is just another pathetic attempt to be funny. This entire thing was all unfunny, you're just trying to make a funny Urban Dictionary entry on a dead meme. You're just hopeless. This is the cringiest thing..."
Jass: "I have crippling depression."
by Vixtellion April 11, 2017
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