homeless 1 : hey, why are you homeless ?
homeless 2 : I play genshin and waste all my money on it
homeless 1 : at least you have venti !
homeless 2 : at least I have venti !
by ΞYWΛX March 10, 2021
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Fefe: Hey............. :smirk:
Vista: Sorry, can't talk. I'm genshining.
by i hate zero two April 6, 2021
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A picture of the photographers wife, taken mostly on special occasions.
Just took a sick ass genshin of my wife during this gaming sess after hanging out with my social friends!
by Lukesangelo June 27, 2021
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"Yo. you free tonight?"
"No, I'm genshining right now"
by kuriat December 20, 2020
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bitchless ass mfs who play genshin...usually part of the lgbbq too.
you're such a genshiner, go touch grass bro.
by ur m0mmy November 2, 2022
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The start to your crippling gambling addiction, and the reason why you're in dept
For fucks sake, I spent over 200 dollars genshin impact just to lose the 50/50 on Zhonglis banner and get JEAN. I'm never spending any more money on this.

*spends another 200+ dollars*
by jakeymp4 May 31, 2021
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Goodbye wallet
Hello hot fictional characters.
Last week I blew my paycheck on wishes in Genshin Impact.
by Promto November 30, 2020
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