if someone tells you to go touch grass, it means that you need to get out more.
eg: ryan was annoying so Lexi said: go touch grass😩 which means she is telling you to get out more.
by creatorsss April 22, 2021
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If someone tells you or is told is to "go touch grass", it means that you need to go outside and do outdoor activities rather than staying inside on your electronics.
Mj need to go touch grass, cus 24/7 this boi on the game.
by ogmaterialgworl February 26, 2022
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A phrase said to League of Legends players and many internet-goers in general; used as an insult to indicate that a person needs to stop spending so much time on the computer and get a life outside of it.
Friend: I just got Challenger in League!! It only took like 5 years of me playing the game for 8 hours straight every single day!!!
Me: That's awesome!!! Now that you've got that all finished up, you should go outside and go touch grass for the first time in fucking forever, you degenerate loser!
by suburban__dictionary May 27, 2022
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When some guy says shit soooooooo random,pointless and/or stupid that he needs to get oxygen in east bumblefuck.
person 1:im in 9yds7gc9yzsdviydffdygbyfgvudfh and im also having sex with a bull and said bull is AroAce so its technically raping and i know im a fuckboy person 2:wtf,go touch grass
by greekguy69 June 30, 2022
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An expression used to tell someone to take off their rose coloured glasses, restrain their lustful urges and get control of their hormones.
Person 1: oh my gosh have you seen how sexy my crush is in his last post? God I’d love to suck those little toes of his and have his children 😍

Person 2: AYO WHAT? That was way outta pocket fam, go touch some grass and take a breather.
by Max Frampton December 13, 2021
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The only argument antis have against us.
Larrie: *shows endless proof*
Anti: Ugh... Uhmmm.... I- Uhh IT´S FAKE GO TOUCH SOME GRASS!!!
by ibestlouie July 20, 2021
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