A racist slur for people of the Caucasian descent. Significance to the word is to be illustrated by multiple examples of "Genocide."
"Look at that Geno, thanks to his kind the Government is now a corrupt and evil society."
by C-Loco June 29, 2012
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A spammer. When you have a new message in your inbox from someone that shows they like you or wants to hook up badly, and you reply back creating a mild conversation. After a while, if you don’t read and reply back on time according to the person, the person sends you a new one. You reply to the newest message ultimately picking up where u left off from the other message but the person, a dumbass will you, keeps messaging you using both message windows blowing up your inbox-usually on myspace. Or, they repeatedly send you a message if you read it and not reply or don’t reply at all.
Linda: Hold on I’m checking my myspace
Karol: Omg…if you get a message from ‘Pete 360’ don’t read it!
Linda: Why?
Karol: He’s crazy and keeps pulling a goddamn geno-my inbox is full of his profile pic!
by Newport-813 April 17, 2008
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When you have a broad on her back, head hanging off the bed and you throw your (willis) in her mouth.
Hey Dude, last night was great. Donna came over and I gave the the ole (geno treat)!
by Lamars March 14, 2019
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Geno! Sans is a skeleton from the game Undertale. Well, not exactly. He is Sans, yes, but from an alternate universe. His universe is called Aftertale. Geno spends his days crying and mourning his dead brother Papyrus.
Guy 1: Man. Geno! Sans is so depresso
Guy 2: Hey, don't judge him
by Wheatley 1234 July 28, 2017
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a highly specialized university where military personnel are given preferential consideration during admission. once all transcripts and other academic papers are faxed, they are accepted within that day.
After my tour in Iraq, I text messaged GENO Tech and was told I was accepted. Done deal, boss.
by GENOcyde January 16, 2008
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An action in which a friend of yours prevents you from getting laid and then goes ahead and has sex with the same girl that he just cockblocked you from.
Friend 1: Yo is your friend gonna bang that girl tonight?

Friend 2: Nah, I'll be pullin' a geno and fuck her later!
by glen ave January 2, 2011
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