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Smart, funny, sexy, beautiful, successful and kind.
I wish I was Karol, she's got it all!
by crystal_clear February 02, 2010
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The cutest girl with the deepest eyes. It's said that if you look into a Karol's eyes for longer than just a few seconds, a trance will be set upon you, and you will be infatuated with her for approximately one lifetime. She also has the cutest smile and the greatest walk, which are almost as lovely as her voice (the greatest voice in the world).
Guy1- "Hey... You've been smiling for over a week now... What's up?"
Guy2- "...Karol said 'Hi' to me... :)"
by SomeAmericanBoy June 25, 2010
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ONE od the COOLEST friends ANYONE could ever have! cute , sincere , FUN...ect
I LOVE you KAROL...thanks for alwayz being there!
by ITS ME BABy April 28, 2008
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One of the greatest friends a guy could have. ^^
Karol, do you think you can call me again today?
by ChaosDude February 19, 2004
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Karol is a very nice,smart, HOT AF, the most beautiful smile, dark hair, THCC AF. If she likes you. You are a very lucky person
Karol is hot
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