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The easiest subject in the world, there are only two topics.
Some bent teacher: Now we are going to start topic 2 of Gender Studies, it is called 'the male'.
by ListenToMyMixtapes June 01, 2017
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A field of study in universities which takes advantage of young impressionable girls (and beta-males), by convincing them that females are oppressed, and that men are the oppressors. Feminist dogma, and social justice are taught in gender studies classes. This leads these students to believe that, despite living in the most free countries in the most free era ever, that they are living in a tyrannical, futile system, despite all contrary evidence. This is used to justify discrimination against "cisgender heterosexual white males", and any other majority group which may have been overlooked by this definition.

As if to complete a full circle, gender studies can lead to no employment (other than perhaps, gender studies professor). As such, women who graduate cannot get a high-paying job, and contribute to the dumb-ass "wage gap" myth they learned about... In their gender studies class!

Essentially, gender studies is the scourge of academia and truth. Everything is sexist. Everything is racist, everything is homophobic, etc...
Jim:See that fat, blue-haired, crazily tattooed, ridiculously pierced girl wearing 'problematic' glasses?
John: Yeah?
Jim: She's a gender studies major for sure.
Girl: Check your privilege, cishet white male scum!
by Brave Brave Sir Robin September 06, 2016
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