The social science of how geographic location affects human culture and phenomena.
In AP Human Geography today we studied how living near lakes affected how people lived.
by bdfhjl August 27, 2006
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The most worthless history course you can take on a high school campus. Basically, it takes all the important information from World Geography and disguises it behind irritating vocabulary words. AP Human Geography is arguably the easiest AP course. Understanding it requires only common sense and consciousness.
I took AP Human Geography in my fall semester. The AP exam was on May 18th. Instead of studying, I drank a bottle and a half or Robitussin Cough the night before the AP exam and passed out around 2 A.M. The next day, horribly hung over, I stumbled into the gym and used common sense to answer the questions and write the essays. I made a 4. Anyone who had the class in spring semester or who gave a fuck made a 5. Don't judge me; I studied for U.S. and Art History and made 5s, and those classes actually matter.
by 720mgSTEEEVE December 01, 2009
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Easiest and most useless class. Replaces simple ideas with new vocabulary. No one really cares if you get a 5 on the AP exam.
Looking over the vocabulary and models the day before the test alone can give you a 4.

Cocky bastard: I got a 5 on the AP Human Geography test.
Sane person: Cool story bro, no one fucking cares.
by Victim of society September 17, 2011
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A class offered by some schools specifically designed to bore students to death. It forces students to learn a bunch of useless crap that will never be used later in life, like most AP classes. Even though the textbook isn't nearly as long as the AP World History textbook and you get a lot more time to read the chapters most students will procrastinate and read the chapters the night before, resulting in an all-nighter and failed exams. If you listen in class it's very possible to get a 5 on the exam, regardless of what scores you got on quizzes and tests throughout the year.
Avarage Grade on quizzes/tests: C
Grade on AP Human Geography exam: 5
by APKittyKat November 17, 2014
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A high school advanced placement class focused around studying where people live and why. It is an interesting and likable class if you pay attention and have the right teacher but if you don't you may be that kid that sleeps in the back and gets a 2 on the exam. Although APHG can be tedious at time, it applies to current events and will give you a better understanding of the world around you. The class gets 5/5 stars.
AP Human Geography is an awesome class, prove me wrong.
by it'sWingaRRdium April 22, 2020
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