doss subject for numpteys.
i do media studies, as well as: PE, childcare, sportscience and buisness
by karis baker May 13, 2007
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Media Studies is an academic discipline which looks into the media industry and the sociological effects it has over the majority. It is a diverse study which is taught at various academic levels such as GCSE, GCE Advanced Level and many university programs.

The study has ties with Humanity based subjects such as Sociology, Psychology and History and ties with Art based subjects such as the Performing Arts, Production Arts and Literature. It is because of this that Media Studies can be considered to be a collaboration of Academia and the Arts.

Unfortunatley because the course is relatively new it is regarded as a 'soft option' by traditionalists. This is however untrue as media studies like any subject requires a lot of practise and understanding in order succeed in.
Person A - "I study the sociological effects the media industry has over the public!"

Person B - "Wow sounds good, whats it called?"

Person A - "Media Studies"

Person B - "Mickey Mouse!"

Person A - (Facepalm)
by minimarioman July 18, 2010
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The lesson where peeeople sit on their asses and do nothing, often they play games and take up the practice of 'parkour'.
That waster kid
The short ass midget both play games in Media Studies
by The Waster in Media April 6, 2011
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