A field of study in universities which takes advantage of young impressionable girls (and beta-males), by convincing them that females are oppressed, and that men are the oppressors. Feminist dogma, and social justice are taught in gender studies classes. This leads these students to believe that, despite living in the most free countries in the most free era ever, that they are living in a tyrannical, futile system, despite all contrary evidence. This is used to justify discrimination against "cisgender heterosexual white males", and any other majority group which may have been overlooked by this definition.

As if to complete a full circle, gender studies can lead to no employment (other than perhaps, gender studies professor). As such, women who graduate cannot get a high-paying job, and contribute to the dumb-ass "wage gap" myth they learned about... In their gender studies class!

Essentially, gender studies is the scourge of academia and truth. Everything is sexist. Everything is racist, everything is homophobic, etc...
Jim:See that fat, blue-haired, crazily tattooed, ridiculously pierced girl wearing 'problematic' glasses?
John: Yeah?
Jim: She's a gender studies major for sure.
Girl: Check your privilege, cishet white male scum!
by Brave Brave Sir Robin February 20, 2016
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The easiest subject in the world, there are only two topics.
Some bent teacher: Now we are going to start topic 2 of Gender Studies, it is called 'the male'.
by ListenToMyMixtapes June 1, 2017
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An academic field created out of thin air and built on a foundation of bullshit. It recruits unsocialized, lesbian undergraduates and teaches them the proper technique for blaming all of their real and imaginary problems on a hypothetical, ancient, patriarchal conspiracy.
Gender Studies should be a fascinating subject but it’s only studied by insane people.
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover March 24, 2019
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1) A university program that the public hates, is deemed a waste of taxpayer money, and is extremely popular amongst the young female demographic.
2) (adj.) used to describe any program that you hate.
3) What everyone who is a fan of dream SMP will take in college.
1) "Gender studies has no business in universities, because it is an ideology not a science" - everyone
2) I took digital humanities expecting it to be a breeze but instead got a full-blown history lesson. It was absolutely gender studies!
3) I asked everyone in DreamNotFound's chat what they wanted to do in college/uni and they all replied 'gender studies'. I ALT+F4'd the stream immediately.
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian January 21, 2022
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Gender studies is an interdisciplinary academic field devoted to analysing gender identity and gendered representation. It includes women's studies (concerning women, feminism, gender, and politics), men's studies and queer studies. Its rise to prominence, especially in Western universities after 1990, has been noted as a success of deconstructionism. Sometimes, gender studies is offered together with study of sexuality. These disciplines study gender and sexuality in the fields of literature, linguistics, human geography, history, political science, archaeology, economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, cinema, media studies, human development, law, public health and medicine. It also analyses how race, ethnicity, location, class, nationality, and disability intersect with the categories of gender and sexuality.
Gender studies could also be called gender-oriented sociology
by Donna tramp January 12, 2021
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1. A useless degree that has absolutely 0 job prospects.
2. The most effective way to have a negative net worth for the rest of your life.
3. The reason why the wage gap many people in this major complain about exists.
4. A great way to reduce the competition for people going into actual useful majors (ex. engineering, doctor, lawyer, etc.).
5. The greatest scam known to man. (Yes I said “man.” DEAL WITH IT!!!)
Elite #1: Alright we need to make even more money pronto, anybody got any pitches!
Elite #2: I got it! We create a new degree for gullible 18 year olds, primarily women, to fall for called “gender studies degree.” It will be a degree that complains about how oppressed women are, and also the gender wage gap, in which the students will pay us hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn about. Then, when they graduate, they will not be able to get any job, thus contributing to the oppression of women, as well as the wage gap they will complain about.
Elite #1: That. Is. FUCKING GENIUS!!! We’re gonna be twice as rich as we were before!
by Boss 7067 February 22, 2022
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Person 1: Hey person 2, do you know what Ms. Frigbey does?
Person 2: I think she is a Professional useless person
Person 1: Ahhh a Gender Studies Professor
by Tekcno January 19, 2021
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