Ged is a word used in Blairgowrie by the young team nd that, you use it before or after a sentence
Hilly half lug- Sayin to Debbie been upto much?

Junkie Debbie-nah no really got lifted last night was taking big burners in the welly

Hilly-aww ged fuck that

Junkie debbie-ken was doss tho geeeed
by Cock BLOCK 47 October 1, 2018
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An English slang word used to insult someone. Ged is short for Googly Eyed Dickhead.
"Mate don't act like a ged"

"Your're an absolute ged"

"Those people over there are proper geds"

"Yeah man, he's a ged"
by Testerpmi July 11, 2022
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A word originating from Blairgowrie, Scotland. The word Ged can be used to start or finish a sentence, it can commonly be used as a full stop. Ged is very commonly coupled with the two words DEAR MIN, '' Ged dear min ''. A common phrase used in Blairgowrie to emphasis an extraordinary event
Ged min, my boss overpaid me this week.
Have you seen the rain outside, its hammering down Ged!
Whats on tonight ged?
Ged dear min, that car just skidded into shaheeds shop!.
by Dictionaryladdie April 26, 2016
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Ged is a word that is also a synonym to bad, or the opposite of geeg
Ugh, Jennifer, you're so ged.
Today was such a ged day!
by A Tired Northern Kentuckian March 10, 2021
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Ged was an amazingly powerful Archmage created by "Lotus-Position Tom" back in the D&D Days. Ged supposedly operated a flying castle powered with the energy of a harnessed black hole. Although he seemed invincible to everything, his only weakness was something like "he can only be killed by a needle coated with the drool of a ghost during the Full Moon and in the shadow of an ancient oak tree"

1. He was the son of Asmodeus
2. He would always fly around in the Lotus Position
3. For a time, he served Nemesis Tor'turre, always following him 6 feet behind and 3 feet off the ground
4. Wielded a staff that could launch a Fire Fan from one end, and a Heat Beam from the other, for 6d6 damage each
5. Had 312 HP at last count
6. Seemed to always be casting a 9HD Fireball at someone or something
7. Claimed to be the "Master of Dragons" (Tiamat scoffed at this claim)
8. Was turned into a figurine by Demogorgon for betraying Nemesis Tor'turre and Zontar
9. Was summoned via said figurine and subsequently slain by Nemesis Tor'turre, Zontar, Justin DaDoom, Jarga Sin, Telyx, and possibly one or two other foes
10. Was considered to be an untrustworthy asshole by most of his fellow party members
Ged was babbling on as usual "I am casting a 9 Hit Die Fireball from my staff, which is lying across my lap, as I levitate in the Lotus Position exactly 6 feet behind and 3 feet off the ground in relation to my master, which is where all good mages should be" or some shit like that.
by Ixtiklioblikliak April 7, 2008
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God himself, a man that cannot be looked upon with mortal eyes.
Legend has it Ged bicep curled a mountain
by Hallers123 October 11, 2021
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Noun. General Educational Development. The GED is an educational certificate awarded in the United States and Canada which certifies that the recipient has met the minimum requirements necessary to graduate high school. Some members of the academic elite enjoy ridiculing the test and its alleged lack of significance or ease of completion, despite the fact that 30% of graduating high school seniors fail it each year.

Reasons for dropping out of high school and later pursuing the GED are diverse and include family problems, military service and economic conditions which force willing students to take full-time jobs. Thus, any stereotyping or derisive attitude toward those pursuing their GED's seems to come from a lack of compassion, or from pure, pompous arrogance.

Despite the belief that GED students are under-achievers or that they do not wish to pursue a higher education, the simple fact that they have chosen to study for their GED renders this argument highly spurious. In addition, many of those who receive the certificate go on to college/university and enjoy successful, illustrious careers.

Among the most famous recipients of the GED are U.S. Senators Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Paull Shin, Governors Jim Florio and Ruth Ann Minner, Surgeon General Richard Carmona, and highly revered ABC broadcast journalist Peter Jennings.
1. "There is no reason to look down on those who are going after a second chance and getting their GED."
by Buddy-Rey September 28, 2006
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