"3-1-2's, 3-1-3s, 2-1-5, 8-0-3s
Read your whoreoscope and eat your whore d'oeuvres" from Ludacris' "Area Codes"
by J November 18, 2004
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3rd and 12th letters or alphabet: C.L.
by memphis August 19, 2003
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When Bill, said he wanted to 312, he wasn't kidding!
by Poison Control September 13, 2009
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Club 312 is the most lit house party in the Salt Lake area. The ratio is never too sausagy, the music stays banging, and the dance floor is the closest "You Got Served" finale replica you will find.
"Yo, Club 312 is more than a party, it's a lifestyle."
by Shawnthedon January 27, 2017
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