Someone who's very into cars and the technicalities of how they work
Man, I saw this guy the other day who thought he could smoke anyone on a race but he can't even drive stick. He's clearly not a gearhead.
by Demonic_ April 20, 2016
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A musician (most common in guitarists and drummers) who spends more time reading about and buying gear than they actually spend playing music. Gear heads think that by spitting out a flood of brand names and model numbers to their friends that they will sound more intelligent than they actually are. Also, they hope their new equipment will compensate for their lack of practice. Truthfully it shows they spend too much time on the toilet reading "Musicians Friend".
guy: I would let him in this band but gear heads are annoying
by TASHonCDBaby June 01, 2010
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Someone who smokes/shoots heroin.
TOM: "You gearheads are gonna be clucking real soon...in fact, your cluckin' right now."
SAM: "Just give us the shit and we'll be fine."

by Christophe Graham September 04, 2006
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Someone who is into, collects, or has a fetish for sports gear , sport uniforms, protective gear, etc (scuba gear, SWAT, football uniforms, motorcross gear, hockey pads, lacrosse, soccer, fighter pilot, etc).
Q: "have you ever seen how much sports equipment Jason has in his closet?"
A: "yeah, i know, he is such a gearhead"
by chr|s sedition September 08, 2005
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some one who is always smoking weed, or high grade gear.
sam : your such a gear head

brad : do you want a toke on this zoot?

sam : no

brad : wasteman
by brad1234565 January 27, 2009
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See also rivethead for a more precise definition. In a nutshell, one who listens to industrial mEwzIk (a.k.a. music) and has a look very rarely seen. The most common triats of the gearhead/rivethead include WWII fighter pilor googles/welding goggles, army helmets, anything remotely militarian or camoflauge, large, black, steel-toed boots (used for stomping the enemy or rivetheads, the raver), most anything UV, sometimes utilizing computer parts as accessories, with most anything original and futuristic. The look is, in most common high school cliques, quite new and original.
Stereotyped Hot Topic "Goth": Check out that gearhead. I bet he listens to Nine Inch Nails.
Overhearing Gear/Rivethead: Shut your tube filth pig! Nine Inch Nails is shit! I listen to Apoptygma Berzerk, KMFDM, VNV Nation, ohGr, The Gemini Ritual, :Wumpscut:, Skinny Pu... Why the fuck am I telling you this?! *proceeds to stomp poser goth to death*
by äRK åNJêL December 21, 2004
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