:Wumpscut: is a German ebm group consisting of one Rudy Ratzinger. Ratzinger was a Bavarian ebm dj before releasing a series of tapes and then his first full-length in 1993.

Ratzinger has described his music as endzeit ebm, or music for the end times (apocalypse). His newest album, Schadling will be released in April of 2008. The music is dark, yet catchy and danceable. Primary musical influences are Leaether Strip and Klinik.

:Wumpscut: has a fanatical fan following but is frequently criticized for his extravagant boxed sets, which typically include items such as posters, flags, buttons, bumper stickers, postcards, t-shirts and other merchandising.
:Wumpscut: has released yet another album! Let me guess, this next boxed set is going to include an electric toothbrush and a tube of spermicide.
by Defaultet January 5, 2008
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