16 definitions by Christophe Graham

To Use Extreme martial arts in a fit of anger to neutrilize an enemy.
Todd: Yo, dude. I heard you got in a fight over a chick last night.
Chris: Yeah, I beat his ass...totally Matrixed him. I needed to Matrix someone.
by Christophe Graham June 20, 2006
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Having a moment in life (as a man) that is decidely gay. Interestingly enough, what makes it that type of moment is the fact that the gayness of it is in no way a problem.
Example 1: Derek: "Wow that sunset is really pretty."
Steve: "What?"
Derek: "You know, its just ....pretty"
Steve: "Dude, yer having a Brokeback Moment"
Example 2: Tom : "My favorite moment after working out is
showering with the guys. I love the
Gus : "Are you nuts? Dude, you are totally
having a Brokeback Moment"
by Christophe Graham April 03, 2006
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Being ineffectual in nearly everything that you do...
"I can't do right by my wife. I work hard all day long and I got three dollars in my pocket. I got cancer of the prick.."
by Christophe Graham May 11, 2006
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To be:
(1) So hard up for sex that you'll even bang a pretty-boy..
(2) Strangely drawn to a man due to his feminity
Tom: I think I'm having an Attack of the Brokeback. Yo,
lemme buy you a drink...what's yer name?
Sam: Sam...but no thanks, dude, 'cause yer definitely
having an Attack of the Brokeback.
by Christophe Graham July 17, 2006
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One who constantly steps over "the line" whatever that line may be. This has the effect of forcing you as an observer to set him or her straight with physical force or the threat of physical force.

(from Chappelle's Show: Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Story)
RICK JAMES "Charlie Murphy!!! (punch to the head, leaving a mark)

Then Charlie Murphy proceeds to kick Rick James' ass because he's gotta check that shit so it don't happen again, forcing him to stop being a habitual line stepper.
by Christophe Graham April 14, 2006
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To be screwed in the utmost...to be hella fucked.
EX 1:
Tom: Did you study for that test today?
Sam: Nah, dude. I'm hella fucked...
EX 2:
Jim: The Yanks have 3 on and none out.
Tim: Yeah, the BoSox are hella fucked, yo...
EX 3:
Eric: Dude, I just got caught with an ounce o'diesal on me.
Swin: HAHA..yer hella fucked, yo...
by Christophe Graham July 23, 2006
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Fucking dildo rich folk, movie stars, or rock stars who have three fucking names instead of the one name God gave ya.
Tom: Did you see that new movie?
Sam: Which one? The one with Michael Clarke Duncan, Halley
Joel Osmet, Anthony Michael Hall, Samuel L. Jackson,
or Thomas Hayden Church?
Tom: Doesn't matter. They all can suck me off those stupid
by Christophe Graham July 15, 2006
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