1. Belonging to a set of scriptures used by both Judaism and Christianity as a subset of each faith's Bible, and defining many but not all of each faith's core doctrines.
2. Reflecting an apocryphal shared history and belief system of Judaism and Christianity.
3. (In American public life) Christian.

Definitions 2 and 3 are used almost exclusively by Christian and some secular commentators to refer to a vaguely defined but God-centered set of "fundamental" beliefs or traditions that supposedly underlie both Jewish and Christian faith, particularly in contradistinction to the beliefs of other religions, atheism, and anti-religious political ideologies such as Communism. Specifically, it refers to such "shared" beliefs in their purported role as engendering a set of non-denominational founding principles for American civic and public life. These uses of the term ignore the global and temporal span of both Jewish and Christian history, in most of which the two traditions had little overlap and even less communality, and the doctrinal and theological differences between Judaism and Christianity that are basic to each faith's world view. They also suggest a revision of American history which both underestimates the historical dominance and contribution of the Christian majority and its beliefs, and overestimates the degree to which religious principles are required to derive and justify the moral principles articulated in the founding documents. The term is rarely used by practicing Jews or other religiously well-informed persons.
"A monument of the Ten Commandments belongs on public grounds," said the pastor, "because our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian law." The rabbi demurred, noting that the legal system of the United States derives primarily from English common law, whereas both Talmud and Canon Law are vibrant, distinct legal systems that remain in use outside of civic life.
by NBM March 3, 2005
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An oxymoron. This is a term uneducated (and people who typically don't want to learn) use to try to clump Judaism and Christianity together, despite them being nothing alike. It is a nonsense phrase.
Bob: "I want to raise my children with Judeo-Christian values"
Janet: "Judaism and Christianity are nothing alike, there's no such thing as 'Judeo-Christian values'"
Bob: "You're wrong!"
Bob: *storms off angry like a child*
by skulk-collective March 1, 2023
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An Orwellian buzzword for watered down Nazism.
At a recent values voter summit, exposed publisher of watered-down Nazi ideology Steve Bannon claimed to support Judeo-Christian values.
by Aunt Tifa Lockhart October 18, 2017
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A buzzword used by watered-down pussy right-wingers (like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, or all of Fox News, for example) trying to appeal to arrogant self-described "centrists" or "center-rightists", and which is understood by non-anti-religious conservatarians as meaning enlightenment values like free speech, and by Bible thumper rednecks as not letting'em gays hold hands. The main reason this buzzword gets used is because it can appeal to both of these demographics (which are this phrase's main target audiences), by meaning wildly different things to wildly different people. The reason these very different groups (sometimes) serve as audience for the same talking heads (Ben Shapiro et al) is that they both hate the authoritarian SJWs, albeitly for different reasons, and people will sometimes group by the logic of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".
Jordan Peterson or whatever : Western Civilisation is based on Judeo-Christian values.

SJW: "Judeo-Christian values" is a RAYCIST dogwhistle!
Normal person: Western Civilisation is based on Enlightenment values, because people in Europe stopped thinking of the (Christian) church as infallible sometime during the Renaissance, leading to technological advancement. Also Judaism was insignificant in the Europe of this time, when compared with Christianity.
Donald Trump or whatever: There is an attack, there is an attack, on Judeo-Christian values. And how tremendous... There is a tremendous attack, there is.
by Clarity 1997 September 4, 2021
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